Why I Do It

In a Native American parable, the Creator gathers all the animals and says: "I want to hide something from humans until they are ready for it- The realization that they create their own reality. ‘Give it to me. I’ll fly it to the moon,’ says the Eagle. ‘No, one day soon they will go there and find it.’ ‘How about the bottom of the ocean?’ asks the Salmon. ‘No, they will find it there too.’ ‘I will bury it in the great plains,’ says the Buffalo. ‘They will soon dig and find it there.’ ‘Put it inside them,’ says the wise Grandmother Mole. ‘Done,’ says the Creator, ‘it is the last place they will look.'” I exist to empower YOU to heal yourself by reminding you of magnificence within you. Have you unleashed your inner power?

My Story

I’m often asked how I got the name “Runningfox”.

When I was in the womb my grandmother had a strong vision.
She was lost and as night was falling wolves caught scent of her and started howling, informing the others of her presence.
Suddenly a little fox jumped in front of her as an attempt to get her to follow him, she kept saying to him stop running fox I cannot keep up, nonetheless he eventually guiding her to the edge of the forest where her family was there waiting for her.

My grandmother predicted that I was going to lead many out of the forest to safety much like the fox did for her, so she blessed him with the name “Runningfox”.

I grew up in the Los Angeles, California area. At the age of five my mother contracted tuberculosis which led her to station in a sanatorium. During that time my father sexually abused and tortured my sister and I.

After four years my mother finally came to rescue us. But the damage was done… At only thirteen, I turned to alcohol and drugs for a solution to my pain.

In my rebellious stage my mother called upon my uncle, a Medicine Man named “Sixtoes”, to intervene. Sixtoes, took me in and nurtured me in the Native ways. At fifteen I went on a journey via the guidance of his uncle. The journey consisted of surviving 10 days in the wilderness. For the duration I had to collect plants and herbs and put them into my medicine bag for survival. I also had to find water, a place to sleep, and catch my own food. After the 10 days I was finally connected with my spirit. To finish I had to walk on hot embers of wood which the Natives call fire walking. After this journey I felt pure bliss and peace.

Years later when I returned from the Vietnam War, I set out to connect with my Native heritage once again. I contacted my uncle Sixtoes, who began to show me the many truths.

I learned songs, stories, medicine ways and rituals. Soon Sixtoes knew that my journey was just beginning and gave me his blessings.

He told me to feel with my heart not my mind, to see with my heart not my eyes.

I have now been helping others heal themselves for over 30 years.

My journey now involves awakening those beings that want to see. Healing those who really want to learn to heal themselves. Loving those who allow themselves to be loved.


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